With Otto Tours you can ...

... take part in highly entertaining, guided tag-along tours (safari-style tours) through the Australian outback with your off-road vehicle or a rented 4WD. Traveling privately with Otto or in small convoy groups increases the feeling of security in the remote outback through the presence of a qualified tour guide who will guide you through the most impressive travel experiences: Canning Stock Route, the Kimberley, the Bungle Bungle (Purnululu), Ayers Rock ( Uluru), Rudall River NP, Kennedy Ranges, Ningaloo Reef, Holland Track, NP, Mt. Augustus and many other destinations!

… travel as a passenger to one of the four different Australia crossings from north to south or west to east, from Darwin to Adelaide or from Perth to Brisbane or vice versa.

... request a personal quote for a private tour of the Australian outback for your family, club, or group of friends. Otto Tours organizes high-quality, nature-oriented, guided private tours for 1 to 20 participants, including the provision of rental vehicles, tour guide by Otto Schächtele with his excellent specialist knowledge. You can choose the type of transport, the travel destinations, the program, travel dates - and the travel participants. Otto Tours guarantees you the unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime - not surpassing quality or standards.

… complete an off-road vehicle training course - such a course is your passport for more joy and self-confidence in dealing with an off-road vehicle in the Australian bush.

OTTO Tours excellently organized and nature-oriented tours through the Australian outback unite the travel style from comfortable travel on remote routes to challenging adventure experiences in beautiful landscapes, personalized service. 4x4 experience is not a requirement; Otto Tours expeditions include all necessary instructions - learning by doing. Tours are led by Otto Schächtele, owner of Otto Tours, with his outback experience of more than 28 years or by one of our highly professional tour guides who he trained.

Otto is an experienced off-road vehicle specialist. He has planned and carried out off-road vehicle operations for scientific expeditions for over 12 years. His acquired extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna and the historical context of Australia's development and, mainly, the life and suffering of the indigenous people, makes him a great storyteller. He has completed the particular first aid course for remote areas and holds the diploma for an off-road driving instructor. His recreational off-road vehicle training courses are in line with overseas guests who want to experience the Australian bush diversity. The sessions are informative, entertaining, and constructed and carried out according to professional principles. Otto Tours employees are all handpicked to ensures that all guests receive the best possible service.