Spontaneous thank you handwritten...


Thank you - words like that are so wonderful

Hello Otto, in the last few days, I had found enough time to look through and catalog all my pictures from the exciting adventure trip 2014 from Western Australia to the top end. The head cinema was running at full speed with me and my wife, Ammara !!!! A wonderful tour !!!! Other people have to be "hot" for this tour by advertising. When reviewing the holiday pictures, I took into account your wish for suitable (advertising) pictures for the slide presentation and made a selection of 690 images worth seeing for you. The selected photos are only the face of the outstanding tour guide Otto. I burned these pictures onto a DVD, which is now waiting to be examined by you. Ammara and Werner

Dear Otto, Here is my evaluation of the trip: The offer to experience Western Australia by bus has worked out perfectly. Nowhere else you are so close to the country and gain such an insight into the people and nature as on such a journey. Of course, perseverance, patience, and camaraderie are prerequisites for such an undertaking, but I got hundredfold rewards. You have brought the country close to us with your friendly nature and your fundamental knowledge of Australia. You had answers to all questions, no matter how bizarre they were at times. I could often experience your high helpfulness when the path was so long, and the rocks were too high. For this, I would like to thank you once again. It was often the small gestures that brought me further. I am sure we were also a group that perhaps did not make it so difficult for you. We got along well right away and dealt with each other in a relaxed but amicable and disciplined way. Maybe that was our contribution to you. I wish you good luck with your future endeavors and can only advise everyone to participate in such a trip through Australia. Roswitha

Dear Otto, thank you again for your great tour guide. It was a wonderful journey, and we will continue to rave and dream about the impressions and experiences, the vastness of the country and its flora and fauna. Take care, stay healthy, with kind regards Hartwig & Marion

Dear Otto, today, we're going home filled to the brim with impressions and information. Thank you for the great three weeks. You knew an answer for everything, depending on the interests of the fellow travelers - the growing up of the kangaroos, types of beer, flowers, and four-wheel drive. You brought us closer to your home in a very personal way. Thanks a lot for this. I hope you continue to enjoy traveling and telling stories. Elisabeth